27 Feb

OPTIMa: OPen Transport data for Intelligent Mobility Ref: RDES20140210002

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A Spanish company is searching for partners for a H2020 project with the main goal of defining measures (technology and policies) to improve and maximise the availability and (cross-border/cross-system) interoperability of transport data, fostering open data policy, definition and monitoring of data quality, while considering data security and integrity related challenges to enable an open market for mobility as a service. The partners sought are Transport operators.

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27 Feb

New multimedia advertisement tool targeting nearby mobile devices with advertisement messages (Ref: 12 HU 50S5 3QJD).

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A Hungarian SME has developed a new multimedia advertisement tool, which is a complex advertising/marketing tool for custom point of sale (POS), business or system level commercial advertising use. The new technology integrates the traditional and guerilla marketing elements in a new and efficient way. It targets the nearby mobile devices with advertisement messages. The company is looking for license, joint venture and/or development partners.

27 Feb

Solutions in IT security, IT infrastructure, Financial, Asset Management, Payroll, HR Solutions for the banking sector (Ref: BOMT20130828001).

A Maltese company with a 90 strong team of specialists focused on various sectors of the Information Technology industry. Solutions span IT security, IT infrastructure, Financial, Asset Management, Payroll and HR Solutions. The company is looking for potential partners in the banking and financial services sector for subcontracting, commercial agreements and joint cooperation for new market applications.

27 Feb

Web development and programming of mobile devices (Ref: BOPL20131127001).

A Polish company from the Malopolska Region (South of Poland) is an IT company specialized in smartphones programming (Phonegap / Cordova platform for iOS and Android), websites creation (especially mobile and RWD websites), dedicated websites creation (especially mobile and RWD websites). The company is looking for foreign partners to offer its services and to work as subcontractor.

27 Feb

Unique software for perfect voice conversion enabling to customize any audio application (Ref: TODE20140121002).

A start-up company from Germany has developed a unique innovative software for voice conversion. The software solution converts a source voice into a target voice, needing only two audio samples. It can be used to customize games, movies, songs, audio books etc with an individually selected voice, sounding absolutely natural. The company is interested in finding clients, investors, subcontractors and research partners.

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27 Feb

CAD Technology for Mobile Devices (Ref: 12 AT 0108 3PNH).

An Austrian software house active in web-based 3D modelling seeks components or technologies to adapt their portfolio of 3D modelling CAD software to mobile devices.  These should enhance existing software modules and shorten development effort for future applications. The company is looking for kernels for volume modelling, software components for graphical rendering and communication modules for efficient data distribution on a licence or joint development basis.

27 Feb

Medical software solutions for introducing new technologies and services (Ref: TRGR20130930001).

A Greek SME active in the field of medical software is looking for integrating or co-developing innovative solutions to provide the Greek market with new technologies and services. The company is willing to evaluate solutions that bring high technology and effective services to the medical industry. The company is looking for licence, technical cooperation or reciprocal production agreement.

27 Feb

Runtime software architecture discovery tool Ref: TOUK20140206001

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A UK software engineering research group has developed a conceptual framework and automated computer aided software engineering tool to help engineers discover software architectural models from implemented systems at runtime. Discovery at runtime compared to at the design phase is a clear benefit of this tool. Companies developing software that follows a service oriented architectural style or mobile applications are sought to engage in a joint venture and adapt the system to meet their needs.


27 Feb

Image analysis device able to measure dots having a diameter between 0.1 to several hundreds of microns (Ref: TRFR20140210001).

A French SME is looking for a partner owning or willing to develop a system or device in the field of image analysis (hardware and software) able to recognize and measure simultaneously several dots having a diameter comprised between 0.1 to several hundreds of microns. They are looking for a technical cooperation agreement.

27 Feb

Software to optimize electrical power supply with up to 100 % renewables (Ref: TODE20140203001).

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A German SME with expertise in photovoltaic, combined heat and power production and storage has developed in co-operation with a research institute a simulation software to determine the cost-optimal mix of renewable energy capacities, storage and power generators for a region or town that can electrically be supplied by 100% renewables. The SME is interested in a technical co-operation or a commercial agreement with technical assistance.