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Cable television equipments Ref: BOHU20130828001

A Hungarian SME specialized in producing cable television equipments is looking for potential partners for manufacturing, distribution and commercial agreements.  The Hungarian company produces the complete range of active HFC (hybrid fibre-coaxial) elements, for example: optical nodes and headend optical transmitters and receivers, trunk-, line-, house amplifiers. They also produce headend RF (radio frequency) signal organizer products which help to handle the return path’s data transfer. Their most effective and successful product is their network-management system which can be built in most of their products. It helps the economical and reliable operation of interactive HFC (hybrid fibre-coaxial) networks assured by “triple play” function.

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Joint venture for tracking system Ref: BOHR20131205002

Croatian company, is looking for trade intermediaries or joint venture for their innovative tracking system for safe rentals (jet-skis, sport boats, outboard motors, snowmobiles etc.) buy diflucan for yeast infectiondiflucan online prescription buy doxycycline malaria tabletsdoxycycline online australia
The system is already developed, tested and used in Croatia, and it is recognized as a product with a great export potential. Joint venture is also an option with partner that possesses proven record in trade and is willing to invest in further commercialization of the tracking solution.

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Development of Mobile 3D Multi-play Online Role Play Game (Ref: TOKR20131227001).

A Korean SME has developed a mobile 3D multi-play online role play game (MORPG). It is crossway scroll MORPG. This game is about clearing dungeon with 4 different characters. The basic movement of playing the game is using the virtual stick and clicking the button to command various skills. The players can purchase different skill cards to upgrade their characters’ power. The company is looking for a partner for licensing agreement.

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New cloud-enabled smart platform for international open innovation management and for disruptive technology discovery (Ref: TOES20131119001).

A Spanish-based start-up has developed a new smart tool, based on protected algorithms, to discovery disruptive innovations around the world, which facilitate the technology transfer and confidential investment processes trough a virtual network. The system is based on a pioneer Knowledge Base (KB) structure and innovation maps. The company is looking for partners to join and exploit the new system, and partners to be beta-testers, for free, for technical cooperation agreements.

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Hannover (Germania), 10-14 Marzo 2014: Future Match @ CEBIT 2014.

State cercando o offrite una nuova tecnologia nel settore dell’Information and Communications Technology? Cercate nuove soluzioni ai problemi tecnici della vostra azienda? State cercando partner provenienti da altri paesi e siete interessati ad instaurare con loro rapporti di cooperazione?

Il CeBIT, con oltre 6.000 espositori e quasi 500.000 visitatori all’anno, è la più grande fiera mondiale dedicata al settore ICT.

Nell’ambito della fiera, la rete Enterprise Europe Network organizza, dal 10 al 14 Marzo, FUTURE MATCH 2014, un evento di partenariato destinato ad aziende, università e centri di ricerca interessati alle tecnologie ICT.

L’evento ha l’obiettivo di favorire l’incontro tra domanda e offerta di tecnologie e prodotti ICT tra aziende, università e centri di ricerca e facilitare la conclusione di accordi di trasferimento tecnologico e commerciali e di partnership di progetto.

Per partecipare al FUTURE MATCH 2014 è necessario registrarsi ed elaborare un profilo di cooperazione (accedendo direttamente al sito web http://www.b2match.eu/futurematch2014 e indicando SPIN come support office). Il profilo verrà pubblicato su un catalogo disponibile on-line e costantemente aggiornato. Ogni partecipante potrà, successivamente, selezionare i profili di maggior interesse dal catalogo e concordare un’agenda di appuntamenti personalizzata.

Il termine per effettuare la registrazione all’evento è il 23 febbraio 2014.

Nell’ambito del Future Match sarà inoltre possibile usufruire dei seguenti servizi aggiuntivi: assistenza sui fondi europei, consulenza su IPR, visite guidate per i settori Mobile Assistance in Public Health, IT-based Professional Training, IT solutions for safe and economic transportation.

SPIN Scrl, partner di Enterprise Europe Network, supporterà le aziende ed i gruppi di ricerca calabresi che vorranno prendere parte all’evento, fornendo loro informazioni per la partecipazione e assistenza alla redazione dei profili ed alla predisposizione delle agende degli incontri.

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Classroom management software (Ref: BOUK20131126004).

This London-based global education and classroom management software provider has developed a world-leading educational software tool, the perfect teaching tool for teaching and managing students computers in networked classrooms and labs. The system is already proven and well-established in major markets both within and outside Europe. They now seek distributors and agents to further grow their market share. You will ideally have experience in the education and/or public sector markets.

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Software dedicated to treasurers (Ref: BOFR20131106002).

French software publisher well established, specialised in Treasury, Cash Management and Electronic Payments, is looking for added-value resellers in all Europe. Focused on Groups and large companies, this software publisher offers a comprehensive suite software dedicated to treasurers.

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Software driven by GIS interactive mapping (Ref: 20120508009 BO).

A Belgian company, software publisher, has developed integrated multi-task management software driven by GIS interactive mapping.  Every developed software offers a lot of tools for outdoor missions. The company is looking for trade partnership to distribute its products and services.

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Small stock of telecom equipment (Ref: BRUK20131020004).

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A UK-based company is looking for an in-country partner to hold a small stock of telecom equipment (about 1 cubic meter of space) as a repair stock for local facilities. The end client at both ends is a major telecom company (in the top 10 globally) but the contract is with a UK based company that manages the logistics.

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New software and hardware solutions for virtual and augmented reality technologies (Ref: TRLV20131024004).

A laboratory of virtual and augmented reality technologies of the Latvian scientific institution is looking for software and hardware solutions to construct interactive and immersive three dimensional training environments for development of scenarios for teaching minimally invasive surgery. The laboratory seeks for partners that can offer authoring platforms, input devices or customizable simulation systems to develop different scenarios for surgery.

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